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Crime and corruption have taken over Bombay City and there seems to be no solution. Then a rash of kidnappings, of young women, takes place. One male who was traveling in an auto-rickshaw with his sister, saw her being abducted by a male named Auto Kesariya right in front of his eyes. When he goes to the nearby Kala Chowki Police Station, he is asked to make a written complaint. He does so, yet his sister is not located. He persists with his complaint, and then one day disappears from the police station itself. His wife approaches the Courts and asks for their assistance in locating her husband, as she fears that the police themselves are behind his disappearance. The Police Commissioner takes the Governor's permission and has a jailed prisoner, a former Assistant Commissioner of Police, Arjun Verma, reinstated, and assigned to this case. Arjun will get himself deeply involved in this disappearance and the kidnappings and will face the shock and trauma of finding skeletal remains of ...

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